Episode 26: Big Garden is a Hole (feat. Mitch Wells from Thou and Big Garden)

Mitch Wells of the seminal Louisiana sludge metal band Thou joins us to talk about his very funny, off-the-wall talk show he's started in the midst of quarantine, Big Garden. The top of the episode is a clip from Big Garden, you can check out more of the show on Mitch's Instagram @mitchwhales You can find the reviews of Thou, both positive and negative here: Check out Thou covering "Sabotage": The song at the end is "Don't Vote" by Thou, be sure to support them on their Bandcamp.

Episode 25: Keeping Your Cool Online (feat. Brett Payne from Street Fight Radio!)

Brett Payne of Street Fight Radio, the #1 Anarcho-Comedy show on any station across the nation, was nice enough to sit down with us to discuss his long career of making genuine, authentic comedy and building an incredibly loyal audience online. Brett and his co-host Bryan Quinby have mastered the art of being online without turning into an asshole, and Brett shares some of his insights into keeping it together while posting. You can follow Brett on Twitter @BrettPain, find Street Fight @StreetFightWCRS, and get the podcast wherever you hear your podcasts.

Episode 24: Mr.X’s No Good, Very Bad Meme Stash

Tony from Minion Death Cult joins us as Mr.X returns to take us on a strange and terrible journey through the worst memes he saw as a Facebook content moderator. Then, Jacob shows us some of the weirdest targeted ads he's gotten on Facebook. NOTE: Mr. X masked his voice to protect his identity and avoid being sued, that's why he sounds Like That.

Episode 23: Paying Tribute to the Titans of Tone with Ross from Rigs of Dad

We talk to Ross Hurt of the Instagram and Facebook accounts Rigs of Dad. Ross crafts elaborate tributes to fictional dads living out their dreams and shredding fat riffs in their later years, and the results are very, very funny. Ross tells us how he developed the idea for the page and how it's grown into an entire expanded universe of Pudgemont County over time. You can follow Rigs of Dad on Instagram @rigsofdad, be sure to check out the new Rigs of Dad podcast here:

Episode 22: A Coronavirus Roundtable

We attempt to arrange our thoughts about Coronavirus and how it's completely warped and heightened our relationship with the internet overnight. The Jerry Saltz article we mentioned is by Dan Ozzi and can be found here:

Episode 21: Matt Farley’s Infinite Songs

Matt Farley has taken the new frontier of Spotify streaming to its absolute limits, with over 20,000 songs and counting released online. You can find Matt's massive web of musical projects at: Some good examples of Matt's musical genius can be found at the following links: An excellent short interview about his spotify quest from Pandodaily:

Episode 20: Mr. X Spills His Beans (feat. A Facebook Moderator)

A former Facebook content moderator shares the secrets of the depraved content constantly pummeling the Zucc's big big website. During the conversation of this episode, you may hear us mention a handful of Verge articles, here they are: This was the first major article to launch investigations into the working conditions of moderators. This was a follow up months later that detailed further psychological abuse by emploers. This goes into even further detail about the working conditions. This is the latest update to the whole saga for mods.

Episode 19: Professional Investigative Journalist and Comedian Harmon Leon

We sat down with author/comedian/professional infiltrator Harmon Leon to discuss some of the highlights thus far of his career, including hanging out with canadian Cult leaders, protecting american's privacy in a digital police state, and filming a reality show with OJ Simpson, post-trial. You can find his work online at Some suggested readings for this piece: Harmon's piece about infiltrating a white supremacist meeting at a local Applebee's Harmon's tale of hanging out with a repo man for a day. Harmon's Infiltration of Penn and Teller's Bullshit Harmon's infiltration of christian stand up

Episode 18: Archiving the Whole Dang Net (feat. Jason Scott)

We were very fortunate to be joined by internet folk hero Jason Scott, we discussed his decades spent on the internet and his monumental efforts to preserve data before it disappears entirely. We also get a chance to ask him about the time he broke Myspace with a very specific image. Here's Jason's very own excellent writeup on the whole situation: You can find Jason on Twitter @textfiles

Episode 17: Don’t Call Me a YouTuber (feat. Andre Hyland)

We interview comedian, actor, and filmmaker Andre Hyland about his storied career of making YouTube videos for over ten years. Some great examples of Andre's character include his Jesse Miller character, who represents a kind of unrestrained masculinity: Tim Hutchins who represents a specific kind of middle aged male type: Phil Gower which again represents a completely different facet of masculine tropes: